The Program's Unique Features Include:

  • Face-to-face instructions by experienced Lincoln University professors from the United States
  • Curriculum designed by Lincoln University-USA
  • Degress are awarded by Lincoln University-USA
  • Programs are fully accredited both in the USA & Ethiopia

The BBA at Western University College is a professional degree. It is designed to develop broad managerial competence to enable graduates to cope with a wide variety of business situations appropriate to their diverse backgrounds. The Western University College BBA program upholds a strong international focus. In order to fulfill the overall objective, emphasis is placed through- out the program on the development of the individual through the concentration on basic disciplines and skills as well as specific subject areas.

The program objectives include:

  1. Use of analytical tools from quantitative and behavioral sciences;
  2. Coverage of basic functional areas of business with stress on their inter-relationships;
  3. Building flexibility and adaptability for changing environments;
  4. Development of student's ability to evaluate social, political, and economic values;
  5. Advancement of skills in group cooperation and decision-making;
  6. Development of communication skills;
  7. Development of a sense of professional responsibility;
  8. Multinational aspects as related to all the subject areas.