APA Style

Western University College  recommends APA style for student papers and reports. APA Style is one of several commonly accepted styles for academic work, and is the most commonly used writing style for social science disciplines. For assistance with APA Style, attend the APA Style Workshop and refer to the following resources:

  • Publication of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition
  • www.APAstyle.org
  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

MBA Thesis Writing Manual

If you are currently writing an MBA Thesis, or are considering enrolling in BA399 for your culminating project, download Lincoln University's MBA Thesis Writing Manual (44-page PDF) to assist you throughout the process. Reading this manual from cover to cover should be your first step in preparing. You will also find bound copies of this manual in the Library.

Research Guides

Find student research guides on the LU Library Wiki: http://lulibrary.pbworks.com

The Wiki lists resources in the following areas:

  • Business Resources
  • Diagnostic Imaging Resources
  • Writing Style Guides (APA, etc.)
  • Thesis & Dissertation Resources
  • Career Resources

Resources in the Library