Applications are welcome from students who have attended other colleges or universities. In addition to the required documents, official transcripts of all university courses he/she has taken must be submitted, and the student must be in good standing at the school(s) previously attended. Credit is granted for courses with satisfactory grades at recognized colleges and universities, including extension and professional education courses, provided the courses are applicable to the curriculum the student wishes to pursue at Western University College as determined by the Admissions Office. Credit units transferred to Western University College are recorded, but quality points and grades from other institutions are omitted and will not be included in the GPA and SAP calculations.

The maximum credit hours that may be transferred from other institutions are:

  • 20 credit hours for undergraduate studies (UGS) (2 semester courses) and
  • Foundation courses exemption for graduate studies (GS)

If a student presents more than the maximum amount of allowed credit hours, the academic commission decides which courses to accept for transfer and which to drop, considering factors like: grades earned, importance of the course (accepting  ̳less‘ important courses), time duration lapsed since taking the course, etc.

The transferred credit hours (courses) must be above a minimum grade of "C" for UGS.

Transferred credit units also influence Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) by redefining the required minimum credit units earned (course completion percentage) at each point of evaluation.

Students who seek to earn an additional degree and wish to use part of their credit units received earlier are treated in the same way as students transferring credit units from other schools.