The regular academic year consists of a Fall Semester, a Spring Semester and a Summer Session. The University operates under a 16-16-7 week calendar which allows a full-time student to complete programs for Master’s degree in two years, for Bachelor’s degree in four years, and for Doctor’s degree in five or three (after MBA) years. For cohort groups, the calendar can be customized.

Evening and weekend classes may be offered on campus to meet the needs of individuals who seek university-credit courses but are unable to pursue class work during the day session. These courses are of the same caliber as those offered in the day session.

The Summer Session is an integral part of the regular university organization with the same academic standards. This session may vary in length and in amount of credit that may be earned. Six semester units of credit during seven weeks of classes in a Summer Session are considered full-time. The courses are planned to enable students to accelerate and enrich their university program as well as enable certain students to make up deficiencies.