WUC President Welcome to Western University College (WUC)-Ethiopia a unique educational institution in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which offers both undergraduate and graduate programs as well as short term trainings in collaboration with Lincoln University, California-USA. 

The Programs in Ethiopia including the curriculum has been carefully crafted, and courses are conducted through face-to-face interaction by Lincoln University professors that have intensive knowledge about the subjects and real life experience in the business world.

Lincoln University was founded in 1919, around the same time as many of America’s top schools were established. Ever since then, it has been staffed with highly competent faculty members. It has launched the most useful educational programs, and mentored each student all the way to graduation. Because a successful career in the 21st century requires deep understanding of international relations and the impact of globalization, Lincoln is well-positioned to offer its students a competitive advantage in business and professional fields worldwide.

The primary purpose of this program is to reach out selected few countries and qualified individuals and cater unparalleled education. The quality and delivery system of the program deviates from other higher institute of learning here in Ethiopia. The time table for course delivery has been considerably designed to give an opportunity for qualified professionals and meet their burning desire for a higher education while they stay employed.

The program is also designed to ensure that all of the acquired knowledge and skills will be valuable to its graduates thus providing a practical and solid foundation for the student’s future. Here at Lincoln-Extension in Ethiopia, we make sure that every part of our students’ education serves a purpose and brings them closer to accomplishing their professional goals.

I am so fortunate to be instrumental to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of this brilliant program. I strongly believe the program will have substantial impact in the student’s future, the livelihood of the general public, and the country at large.

I have a present that is challenging, fulfilling and joyful in the meantime; because, I am privileged to spend my days with professionals, envisioning a bright future. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has! To me, witnessing the students’ success will prove that I have made the right choice, which is priceless!

I invite you cordially to discover for yourself the unique character of the program. Our excellent and meticulous curriculum, state-of the-art mode of delivery by outstanding faculty, and convenient time table, provide all the necessary components to ensure our students’ path to a successful future. Welcome aboard!

Mr. Abetu Melaku, President & CEO