Lincoln University – Extension Ethiopia was founded and established in 2011, under Care Development & Services, Private Limited Company (CDS) by a very inspired and visionary person Mr. Abetu Melaku Guale, an Ethiopian born, naturalized U.S. citizen.

Lincoln University, Oakland, California, (LU) started offering a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program as an extension program in Ethiopia partnership with CDS as an ONLY extension program offered in Africa as the one in Nigeria had closed. To date, the program has helped to educate 142 MBA graduates in five consecutive programs and currently is educating its sixth batch MBA students.

In a need to recruit students with a good educational foundation, Western University College (WUC), Addis Abeba Ethiopia was successfully launched in 2013 and started offering undergraduate program in Business Administration in afflation with LU-California –U.S.A.

Once again, understanding the need and demand for students with a very good foundation,  we are  working to extend the educational program from kindergarten  all the way to a Ph.D. level including short term trainings and vocational programs  initially in Addis Abeba and Bahir Dar  as a pilot program with the goal of extending the  services to other regions in Ethiopia.