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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration

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The undergraduate Business Administration program provides an integrated interdisciplinary education. Students receive a solid foundation in the principal functional areas of a modern commercial enterprise, as well as concentrated advanced preparation in an area of their choice. Thus, the graduate is well prepared for the challenges and responsibilities of today's business world. Of particular benefit to students and their future employers is the strong international focus of the program. This comes not only from the world-conscious course offerings, but from interaction with fellow students.

                      Degree Is Awarded By Lincoln University

For more information, Call at: 0118-608906, 0118-966048, 0911-194050


Latest: Lincoln University Extension Ethiopia MBA Programme Graduation Ceremony [ Class of 2013 ]

The colourful graduation ceremony of the third batch graduates was held at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC) in the presence of Mr. Kebede Chanie, Minister of Trade (MoT), Mrs. Patricia Haslach, U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia, Dr. Allan Samson, Chairman of Board of Trustees, Lincoln University, California and Ambassador Taye Atskeselasie, Director General of North America Directorate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) as keynote speakers among other dignitaries.